Membership Plan


No Insurance?   No Problem!   

Plan Highlights:

- No Deductible

- No Annual Maximum

- No Pre-Authorization

- No Waiting Period

- No Confusing Benefit Coverage

 The Olmos Park Dental Membership Plan is designed to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care. You will receive immediate, hassle-free, and convenient eligibility. Dental services will be provided by the Olmos Park Dental team.

 Membership Courtesies Include:

Preventative and Diagnostic Services 100%

Exams, Cleanings, and X-Rays

• Prophylaxis Cleaning - Adult or Child (2/year)
• Comprehensive Exam (New Patient Exam) (1/per Member)
• Periodic Exams by dentist - (2/year)
• Limited Exam - Problem Focused (1/year)
• Fluoride - Adult or Child (2/year)
• Bitewings - (1 per/year)
• Complete Series, Panorex, CBCT (1 every 3 years, additional images included if required for treatment)
• Individual Intraoral Periapicals
• Occlusal X-Rays (2 per plan year)

50% Service Offerings
• Sealants
• Space Maintainers

15% Service Offerings
• All services not otherwise specified

10% Service Offerings
• Orthodontics

Out of Town Emergency Services
• Reimbursed to your account upon verification that true emergency services were provided by an out of town dentist.

This is a membership plan to provide affordable dental care, not a dental insurance or benefit plan. The plan may be enhanced as as our services progress in the advancement or quality of care. Patient portion is due at the time of services. 


Annual Investment Example
First Family Member $295
Second Family Member $195
Each Additional Family Member $145

You have the option to invest in your membership plan up front annually with automatic renewal, or set up automatic monthly payments.

Monthly Investment Example
Individual $24.85/month
Family of Two $40.83/month
Family of Three $52.92/month
Family of Four $65/month

*All family members must live in the same household or be a legal dependent.

We make is simple for your investment to provide continuous care through our automated renewal process.

Please visit us in office to sign up and for full terms and limitations of the plan.


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